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    Default Virus Blocker didn't block, how to check and submit.

    The Virus Blocker is based on Clam AV. If certain virus(es) came through and you want to check or submit to help others, here are some links.

    To run the test, use this link:
    (upper left hand corner, browse for the file and proceed, it will check against most major anti virus databases)

    If the Clam AV didn't detect, please help and submit to:
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    thanks for the links..... Haven't tried clam AV yet.... will try it.

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    Default is another site to check suspicious files against the major scan engines.

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    yes virus total is the best website here you can find and the VirusTotal Uploader go to about and you can find the application
    This is a Windows desktop application for sending files to VirusTotal with just two mouse clicks. It makes use of the public web interface form in its code, thus, it also has the highest scanning priority. Download VirusTotal Uploader.

    I have installed to all my computer because it's the easy way to check for virus just with right click and send

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