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    Default HTTPS Antivirus

    Hi All:

    I am testing the 5.0 version of Untangle and am in the anti-virus testing phase. So far, the Untangle server is working as intended. I especially like the Protocol Control. Is there a way to see what packages you are using, "under the Hood"? I can see some using ps -aux, but not all.... I don't think.

    Using only the Eicar test pages I find that when downloading from the non-https the Eicar test file is caught and blocked. However, when downloading from the HTTPS pages, the test file is not caught, but downloaded anyway.

    Give it a try the test pages are located here:

    You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page for the downloads.

    Is this a bug, or intended?

    Thanks for your attention.


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    it currently scans port 80 only ( Under Virus blocker > Web > Http> ).

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    Here are some of the upstream projects we use; you can mostly see what the applications are based on:

    The Untangle server can't scan https because its encrypted end-to-end with a certificate signed by a CA.
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