Ive had the good fortune of installing Untangle in our office and I love the product and have been using it for a number of months now - mainly trouble free!

I do have one tiny thing I would like to resolve.

We install QNAP NVR devices that use an active x control to view the cameras on the NVR and offers remote viewing and playback via Internet Explorer.

Now, I definitely know its the AV shelf causing my issue, because when I turn the AV shelf off, the page fully loads.

Under the file extensions list, I cant see any specific that seems to be scanning the active x applet that attempts to load.

The reason for doing this is so we can remotely log onto customers NVRs for support, and I would like not to have to turn the AV off every time to do it.

Our Untangle box is in Bridge Mode on fairly hefty server.

I have had a hunt around the net to see if there are other users with a similar issue, but havent found a resolve.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!