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    Default Kaspersky AV module didn't block, how to check and submit.

    The Kaspersky AV is based on Kaspersky AV. If certain virus(es) came through and you want to check or submit to help others, here are some links.

    To run the test, use this link:
    (upper left hand corner, browse for the file and proceed, it will check against most major anti virus databases)

    If the Kaspersky AV didn't detect, please help and submit to:
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    FWIW, here's another multi scanner, it doesn't clarify that it uses the linux engines though it has a few more scanners.

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    If one thinks any single anti-malware scanner on the perimeter works best, they don't clearly understand the environment we react. As with any filtering the collective's pain learned from is key to any success and provides the greatest response. I personally understand security layers are most successful and use both Virus Blocker Lite and Virus Blocker in Untangle and another on my protected machines and devices. On client's Windows PC's I appreciate Sysinternals Process Explorer employing/VirusTotal to identify questionable processes which may need further review. I'm very hopeful for the soon to be released cloud scanner HerdProtect which looks very promising. With all that said, if I had to choose 1 in Untangle, I'd invest the $$ in Web Filter which I believe goes misunderstood and completely maybe the greatest security deployed on any of the LAN's I support!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrispeddler View Post
    Sorry to dig up this old post. I just happen to research which anti-virus scanner works best for Untangle. I will be checking those links mentioned previously...but I hope you suggest some more on this thread.
    Untangle has long time ago moved to Bitdefender engine for the paid app. We keep both Virus Scanner and Virus Scanner Light active as they do tend to detect some things differently.

    Don't expect much from scanning in gateway. Your endpoint protection is still the most important line of defense.

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