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    No problem. I'm just glad for once this didn't devolve into a philosophical discussion about the purpose of virus blocking!

    Now lets see if your fortinet can block this:
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmorris View Post
    We had to remove much configurability over time because many users lack pragmatism and don't understand the tradeoffs of gateway antivirus from host-based antivirus where you pretty much can easily scan everything. This resulted in some users misconfiguring things and having a bad experience.
    Recently I decided to configure a broader MIME configuration in the Virus Blocker for the guests' rack. I have a guest wifi for friends. Since my geek friends have a different rack, this is for (almost)no-security-clue friends and it happens that some/most of them don't even have an AV on their mobile devices and laptops. So, to avoid them getting infected in my home I selected some MIME types to be scanned even when there's no download disposition.

    So here is an enhancement/feature request: since you allow definition of broader MIME types - and this is tedious, to say the least - wouldn't it be nice to have some sort of group settings, such as basic, recommended, stringent, everything along with explicit declaration/advice of performance impact they'd have? In this case the recommended and stringent could be, for instance, downloaded from your cloud and could be aligned to scoutIQ data, comprising the most common MIME vessels used in that time period.

    Just an idea, bear with me: it's saturday morning here

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