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    Default Virus Blocker Licensing Question

    How does the licensing work for Virus Blocker? By work I mean, I have 75 PCs that needs to have their traffic scanned for AV but I have 127 devices total going through Untangle due to VoIP.

    How does Virus Blocker handle that? Does it take the first 75 devices it sees and only scans that? Is their a way I can exclude the VoIP subnet?

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    You could setup a bypass rule so that any VoIP traffic doesn't get scanned.

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    You don't license Virus Blocker. You license Untangle. If Untangle sees the traffic, it counts against your license. You would need bypass rules for any device you don't want to count.

    If you're not worried about VoIP devices and can put them in their own subnet, you can definitely write one bypass rule that will exclude all of them so they don't count against the license.
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