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    Default WAN Balance to not use 4G if Fiber is online?

    Hi all,

    I've added a 4G router so that if my ISP's fiber connection is offline, I still have the 4G LTE option to use.
    However, this 4G is a pre-paid simcard. If the ISP has problems, I get an unlimited bundle code to use on the 4G.

    This means, that if the Fiber isn't down, I don't want any traffic over the 4G.

    In the WAN failover app I've configured the WAN to be ID1 and 4G-Backup as ID6.
    In WAN Balancer, should I set WAN to 100% and 4G-Backup to 0%?

    0% traffic to 4G-Backup if WAN is online
    100% traffic to 4G-Backup if WAN is offline

    What is the best way to configure this?

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    Set the 4G to 0%, set the other as 100%.

    Then go configure WAN Failover with appropriate tests, Untangle will use the 0% WAN only when the other is down.
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