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    Hey guys, I solved it by adding Mikrotik hEX router between 2nd VSDL bond and Untangle.
    I see you advised to do the same.

    Just to sum up the story:
    Untangle runs on dedicated miniPC, so like an appliance (no VM or hypervisor involved).
    4 VDSL links are merged into two bonds (two links merged to one bond via a terminator with RJ45 out). Terminators are delivered by ISP and no changes are allowed, proprietary device. One bond has public static IP assigned, but that doesn't make a difference. Connection is realized via PPPoE with username/pwd, but with specific VLAN ID (same for both bonds). In the end there's one ISP box/device routing all VSDL connections in the area. Hence the same gateway problem.
    Mikrotik hEX router was installed between second VSDL bond and Untangle. One more NAT introduced, yes, but changed the gateway for Untangle, so worth the trouble.
    Once Mikrotik hEX was added to the equation, WAN Balancer works just fine and Untangle route table now looks as expected.

    Thanks everyone for contribution. Cheers.

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    You can disable the 2nd NAT, just untick the NAT box on the WAN interface aimed at the Mikrotik, and go slap some static routes in the Mikrotik for any networks beyond Untangle, and target the routes to the IP on Untangle's WAN.

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