Hi have 3 WANS and I only want WAN Balancing over 2 of them. However, that's not happening when an outage occurs and also the sessions aren't going back to the correct WANs when they come back online.

WAN1 & WAN2 - should only failover with each other.

WAN3 - only specific rules should hit this. If possible to have these go over WAN1 & WAN2 if it goes out it's a bonus but not required.

WAN Balancer
- Traffic Allocation is 50% for WAN1 and 50% for WAN2. WAN3 is set to 0% .
- Route Rules -
- I have specific IPs/Tags set to WAN3 for destination
- I have Balance for the last rule (I've tried to disable this but same results)

WAN Failover - WAN Failover is enabled for all 3.

If WAN1 or WAN2 fail - I start seeing connections on WAN3... how can I prevent this? If both WAN1 & WAN2 go down shouldn't it consider it as an outage (as WAN3 is set to 0%).

Why am I seeing sessions on WAN3 when they don't have rules assigned for them? If they are going to WAN3 due to outages on WAN1 or WAN2 - shouldn't they drop from WAN3 once WAN1 and/or WAN2 come back online?