Im working with T-Mobile for Business to sell their 5G 100GB broadband wireless internet for business in my AO. They offer quite a few 5G Routers and have a company they partner with that has access to lots of different 5G devices from Cradlepoint, Pepwave, Inseego and others.. They are currently sending me an InSeeGo FX2000 5G All-in-One Router,Wifi, LAN, combo device. This isnt really what Im looking for as I dont need routing, WiFI, etc. Just looking for a 5G modem/gateway to connect to WAN with a static WAN IP as primary internet connection or WAN2 as failover on many Untangle NG firewalls I have deployed.

Im also looking at a Peplink Max Transit 5G they are recommending to use for my needs. T-Mobile is providing static IP's for $5 per month extra. 5G 100GB business plan is $55/month. So $60 per month with the static IP.

Anyone else using T-Mobile 5G broadband with Untangle as a WAN failover or primary internet connection? If so, what 5G gateway, router, modem are you using?