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    Default Web Application Firewall version 1.1 is now available!

    We are excited to introduce WAF version 1.1, available now for preview in ETM Dashboard.
    For existing installs, we have provided upgrade instructions here. For new deployments as a virtual appliance or docker instance, refer to the Docker or ISO deployment guides.

    In addition to many fixes, we have added the following features and enhancements:
    • Paging in specific reports to improve load times.
    • Separated blocked events into a dedicated report
    • Configuration backup and restore from ETM Dashboard
    • Added IPv6 support for upstream servers (not available for Docker deployments)
    • Added tooltips and guidance to input format in IP Rules
    • Added report to show top hosts by consumed bandwidth
    • Added more information on uploaded SSL Certificates
    • Added automatic updates for modsecurity rules
    • Added log rotation to prevent excessive log retention
    • Added automatic backups to ETM Dashboard
    • Added a link to provide product feedback
    • Added contextual links for product documentation

    For any feedback items please use our WAF feedback site. Note that the feedback site uses Single Sign-on from ETM Dashboard so you will be redirected to log in if you are not currently authenticated.
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