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    Default High Memory Usage After Update to 8.1.1 and Web Cache

    I recently updated our Untangle server from 7.4 (?) to 8.1.1. With this update we also enabled the Web Cache module. Two days in a row now I have had to reboot Untangle around 9:00AM due to Internet traffic slowing to a halt and the inability to access the Untangle GUI. I have disabled the Web Cache module for now to see if we still experience these issues or if we still have the same problem with something else after our upgrade.

    This server ran like a champ prior to the update. Even Monday and Tuesday the server seemed to be fine, with Web Cache helping to reduce our bandwidth usage by about 10%. This server is providing services for 200-600 users depending on the time of day, on a 20Mbps/20Mbps line.

    Server Specs: Dell PowerEdge r610, RAID 5 15k drives, 6GB RAM, Broadcom NICs

    Modules: Spyware Blocker, Web Filter, Web Filter Lite, Virus Blocker, Intrusion Prevention, Protocol Control, Attack Blocker, Configuration Backup, Reports

    Any Ideas?

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    If you have support call in, they can help you.

    If you're running Web Filter I would disable Web Filter Lite.
    Also, rebooting isn't solving anything.
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    We are new to Untangle (so I can't compare it to previous versions) but actually have had this exact problem occur with our install of 8.1.1.

    Internet traffic slows to a halt, some pings still goes through(ie...can ping but not during the downtime), and the GUI is inaccessible. I can ssh into the box, do a TOP, and see that the java is using between 63 and 65% of the memory.

    Its an older server, but the specs exceed what the recommendations are for our size (less than 30 connections at this time):
    SuperMicro PDSMi (w Xeon 3000), 4GB ram

    Current modules enabled: spam blocker, phish blocker, spyware blocker, web filter, web cache, Kaspersky virus blocker, intrusion prevention, protocol control, firewall, Commtouch spam booster, attack blocker, config backup, and reports. This server is setup in bridge mode.

    I too thought it was a web cache issue, and disabled it weeks ago, but had the same issue occur. I contacted support, and was told to shut off the virtual machine, essentially making it a wire to wire connection. Never had any issues during the time the VM was down. When I brought it back up, it ran for a few days, and then had random issues of latency come and go with web traffic. Today was the first time the GUI was completely inaccessible during one of these episodes (at least that I'm aware of because I wasn't always available to attempt to log into the GUI during previous events).

    I'm curious to see if there is any follow up to this thread.
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