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    Default Phishing/fraud Events - Adverts?

    Hi All,

    I keep getting phishing/frad alert events, an example is below.
    As I am not actually visiting these sites do I assume they are Adverts etc linked to the pages I am visiting.
    When this happens I am on well known pages eg Mac Rummors etc.
    Or should I suspect that I have some malware lurking on my Mac?

    Thanks In Advance

    The following event occurred on the Untangle Server @ 2018-02-01 11:01:35.152

    Phishing/Fraud website visit blocked:
    Web Filter blocked // (Phishing/Fraud)

    Causal Event: WebFilterEvent
    "timeStamp": "2018-02-01 11:01:35.152",
    "reason": "BLOCK_CATEGORY",
    "flagged": true,
    "blocked": true,
    "appName": "web_filter",
    "requestLine": "GET //",
    "category": "Phishing/Fraud",
    "sessionEvent": {

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    Most likely they are resources on the pages visited. Check the session before it in Webfilter report for the page.
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