So, I've got a weird one and before anyone asks, no I don't have everything isolated yet. I'm just going to brain dump here, and hopefully make sense of it all later.

My Fallout 76 works through my Untangle just fine. But I've got a friend that cannot get Fallout 76 to work through his Untangle while web filter is running. Removing and reinstalling the module changes nothing, nothing is blocked in the log. Passing doesn't work. Bypassing the workstation's LAN IP works, shutting off the UVM works. Changing external's DNS from CloudFlare to Google doesn't change anything.

Fallout 76 makes a bucket of requests over TCP 443 to a CloudFlare supported Amazon AWS cluster, IP based bypasses limited to this specific service will remain ineffective.

Noticed domains in logs:

All attempts to replicate the condition on my Untangle have failed, but I'm in AZ and he's in OH using very different servers based off the above listed names. Both servers running 14.0.1.