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    I keep on getting server alerts that a specific site has been blocked because of phishing / fraud.

    I have no reason to go to this site so I assume one of the applications I have open all the time uses it possibly to check on Internet connectivity, is used by IANA as a sample site for document writers and such.

    I tried to report it as a non-phishing site, but Web Filter always tells me to try later.

    So if you guys want to check it out and take if off the malicious sites list...

    Here is part of the email I get:

    Causal Event: WebFilterEvent
    "timeStamp": "2018-12-24 08:32:00.022",
    "reason": "BLOCK_CATEGORY",
    "flagged": true,
    "blocked": true,
    "appName": "web_filter",
    "requestLine": "GET ***/",
    "category": "Phishing/Fraud",

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    I checked my own server and got the same results. The web filter gets its list from I checked there, and the error was already resolved; it just shows as "parked" (I'd prefer "Technology (General)", but "parked is good enough). I then went to the Advanced tab in Web Filter, cleared the Category URL cache, and tried again, and it showed the new category.
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