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    Default Malware Distribution Point - False Positive?

    I am assuming this is likely a false positive. I'm getting quite a lot of these most all from my Amazon Fire TV:

    I would not think it is visiting a Malware site.

    Malware Distribution Point website visit detected:
    Web Filter logged (Malware Distribution Point)

    Causal Event: WebFilterEvent
    "timeStamp": "2019-07-11 09:22:31.9",
    "reason": "PASS_CLIENT",
    "flagged": false,
    "blocked": false,
    "appName": "web_filter",
    "requestLine": "GET",
    "category": "Malware Distribution Point",
    "sessionEvent": {
    "entitled": true,
    "hostname": "amazon-3870a4e19",
    "CServerPort": 80,
    "protocol": 6,
    "protocolName": "TCP",
    "localAddr": "/",
    "serverLatitude": 39.0481,
    "SServerAddr": "/",
    "remoteAddr": "/",
    "serverIntf": 1,
    "CClientAddr": "/",
    "serverCountry": "US",
    "sessionId": 102389037832719,
    "SClientAddr": "/",
    "clientCountry": "XL",
    "CClientPort": 43078,
    "policyRuleId": 0,
    "timeStamp": "2019-07-11 09:22:31.787",
    "serverLongitude": -77.4728,
    "clientIntf": 2,
    "policyId": 1,
    "SClientPort": 21915,
    "bypassed": false,
    "SServerPort": 80,
    "CServerAddr": "/",
    "username": "video",
    "tagsString": ""

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm getting the same alert on my Amazon Alexa Show but not on the firestick.

    Not the first time this has come up

    Miscategorized IP again? Amazon AWS IP with a bad reputation?
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    I too have been getting these with my Amazon kindle device. The IP being accessed turns out to be their AWS server. Incidentally my ISP’s abuse filter also thinks they’re Malware attempts so they must be using same categorization.

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    We Don't Know What We Don't Know
    If one wrongheadedly assumed the risk of allowing such instruments into their protected domain, simply 'bypass' the unmanaged device(s) and allow its unhindered ambiguous communication with their malevolent macrocosm. Huh?
    Ask A-Z, I'm sure they'll explain their intent is strictly for your benefit. :-J
    Move along, nothing to see here... #CreatingMonstersThatRuleUs
    Untangle...because nothing's worse than doing nothing!
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