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    Default Deeply customized rack (web filter) for students..but allow 2x laptops to YouTube

    So a client build a lengthy rack for students..mostly in the web filter area.
    2x students need to get to YouTube.

    For now..a quick "allow" to these computers in the Web Filter..but I wish to reel that back in and get all the other web filter rules applying, just allow YouTube for these 2.

    Suggestions for best approach?
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    Create a web filter rule with source address = those two IPs and host = *youtube* to allow/pass

    the rules are processed first, if an action is specified the rest of the logic is not evaluated. this gives you the power of rules for cases like this that you need very fine grained control, but don't want a separate rack.
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    In situations like this I make a rule but use tagging. Then it is really easy to add or remove extra devices.

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