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    Quote Originally Posted by jcoffin View Post
    Thanks for the video I will see if I can reproduce the issue on v15.0
    Hey, was looking at this issue again and have narrowed it down a little. So the password does work if I try to visit a website that has been blocked by Web Filter. So for example... Use Google to search for something and follow one of the results to a site that's blocked, I see the Untangle block page, enter the password and get directed to the site - fine.

    Where it still doesn't work is if you search for a term that's been blocked by Web Filter > Search Terms. You get the results as previously shown in this thread. Have tried other search engines besides Google, same behaviour.

    Dunno if you've had a chance to investigate this, but as an uneducated hunch... Could it be that when it comes to search terms, the block/unblock process is essentially going around in circles? Search for a term, is blocked, password entered, page refreshed, search term picked up again and blocked, password entered and so on and so on?

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    Get a jump on this, open a support ticket.

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