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    Default Alert event only during time of day

    I don't see a forum for alerts/events, so I'm posting in the next closest related category.

    I want an event/alert fired when a particular web filter category is accessed by a machine on the network, ONLY during certain times of the day.

    How do I accomplish that?

    I don't see any fields available that indicate the time the request was generated, even though that field clearly exists in the web filter reports.

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    As far as I am aware of, any type of time and date management is only possible via policy manager. My 2 cents ar; you need to create 2 identical policies and set policy rule to kick-in one policy during the day time and other one during after hours. Setup alerts utilizing policyId or policyRuleId field. Keep in mind not all alerts supports policyId or policyRuleId. To add more creativity, you can also utilize tags.

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