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    Default Can we filter a specific youtube channel on Untangle?

    Is it possible to filter a specific youtube channel on Untangle without blocking all of youtube or using the application filtering to filter based on category?

    I am guessing to do this I would need some of the various URLs that would be used to access a channel. So here are a few possible examples I'm thinking I would need to consider all for the same example channel:

    * Channel Id (h**ps://w**
    * Main video playlist (h**ps://w**
    * A Search for the channel (h**ps://w**

    This is all SSL, so I figure this will involve SSL Inspector as well. Assuming this can be done, how would one set this up for my example above?

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    I did some research on this May last year. This was my results. Things may have changes. May help anyway

    Unblock individual videos

    Youtube have changed their backend since I posted how to unblock a channel in the Untangle forums in 2018

    However as long as SSL inspection is in play, a single video can be whitelisted by allowing these 4 urls.*

    For additional videos only the actual video url needs to be added as the last 3 are generic


    Other suggested videos still appear down the side but are blocked.

    Unblock a playlist

    Cool way to unblock videos in bulk

    Create an account

    Create a playlist and add in other people's video

    Each playlist has an unique guid

    So in webfilter allow guid with wildcard e.g. *PLsuZFqj3lCFesPQIKDdE1iSHzL8mZfEYU*
    (as well as other 3 x generic youtube player unblocks)

    Then you can provide a link to video via playlist and it will play e.g.

    Plays because has matching guid in url.

    User can see and play any other video in playlist.

    Other suggested videos on side are blocked.

    Needs SSL inspect
    Base urls allowed*

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