We had a teenage relative here yesterday, so of course some activity triggered Web Filter malware site alerts.

The problem is that I keep getting the alert emails even though the events happened well over 24 hours ago and the device hasn't been on my network for more than 24 hours.

The events are timestamped yesterday morning. In the Web Filter app I don't even see these events listed in any of the reports anymore.

The alerts trigger at irregular intervals. Sometimes once an hour, sometimes not for several hours.

I'm assuming that these errors are stuck in a directory somewhere and keep getting reprocessed and not cleared. I can't find anywhere in the GUI where that would be and Google has not been of help so far.

the only thing I've done so far besides trying to find the event entries is reboot the firewall, which made no difference.

If I keep getting them I'll likely just turn off the malware site alert rule, but I'd rather keep getting real ones.

Anyone see this before and have any thoughts on how to stop it?