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    Question Folding at Home issue still exists

    Sorry to bring up older posting, but I did not see a resolution from Untangle. I too am doing the workaround of passing "*" in the Web filter even though the logs do not show it as being blocked. The issue seems to have popped up between v15.0 and v15.1... and I'm on the most recent v16.4.1.

    Here was the original thread:
    Unsure why is being blocked

    I have no problems continuing with the workaround. But thought it would be good to document this for others experiencing issues with using F@H (Folding at Home) and Untangle.

    The common log error in F@H that should bring people to this thread is:
    Failed to get assignment from '': 10002: Received short response, expected 272 bytes, got 0

    Thanks and keep rocking!
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    2nd, Installed on my computers and there is nothing in web filter log that shows blocked, flagged or anything. But put it in pass site and bingo, bango, bongo it was off to the races.

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