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    Default Web filter reports?

    Hi, I'm a Untangle Lite V7.4 (with Policy Manager Editor) installation, this is my first Unt installation. At the reports, I didn't see the web filter, I can see the LOG file of the Web Filter, but not at Report modulo, what I have to do to include the Web Filter at Reporting module?

    Also, I've other(s) doubt:

    a) How can I save the Web Filter LOG? I can see the paginated report, but I don't see the Save icon, which is present at Report Module.
    b) It's possible to log everysite visited by everyone? Of course, I know I must delete/maintain it to avoid big disk usage ...

    Jean H//

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    Wait... do you have a web filter report or not? what paginated report are you looking at if you don't have a web filter report?

    b) all visits are logged.
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    If web filter is not shown in the report, take a look at the /var/log/uvm/reporter.log for errors. Try rebooting the UT before the next report cycle.

    The event log in web filter -> settings is not savable. The complete event log is available in reports for export.

    Yes, it's possible to log every web visit but there is much overhead with that much logging. Whether it's possible is dependent on your hardware and how many users are behind the UT.

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