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    Default Blocking via keyword

    Has anyone thought of keeping the list bloacking but also added a technique similar to Elrons or Zix Corps old Web Inspector? We have been using it for years and it works great. The interface sucks but it works awesome at finding new web sites to block that I would never catch on my own.

    All you do is make a new subject such as "myspace" then you add keywords and you give each keyword a value such as 25%. When it finds enough words on a website or URL to make 100% it blocks the site.

    "Web Inspector takes a unique hybrid approach to blocking traffic. Like other products, it starts by using a block list. But the list is updated only on a quarterly basis, compared with daily updates for all the other products we tested. This keeps the yearly maintenance fee lower, but you get what you pay for. To handle unknown URLs in the meantime, the software inspects unknown URLs for keywords in both the URL and in the page content."

    Thanx for all your hard work!!!

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    You can modify your untangle an install Dan's Guardian. There is already another Thread on that at

    and it's even one request created in Bugzilla.
    Juan Machado

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