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    Default web filtering exceptions problem

    Greetings from Florida.

    I have a client who has asked me for a way to block internet access in his company. He has around 25 users in total.

    What he wants is:
    1. Block general internet access for most employees, with a few url exceptions, such as sites they need for work.
    2. Allow certain people (owner, managers) to have normal internet access.

    I know those two things can be done. However, for those who have normal internet access (via putting them in the 'pass list'), can I still block categories, such as porn? Or by putting those users in the pass list, are they given a 'total pass'?

    Is there a way to do this in the open source version of the product?


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    Its a lot easier with Professional Package, and "may" only be possible to be done that way. You are looking to make multiple classes of users, then put some restrictions on the less restricted class. You would be looking for Advanced Policy Management and either Active Directory integration (if they use AD) or locking people into static addresses, so you can use one range for one policy and a second range for another policy. Welcome to the forums!

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