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    Default Does "Web Monitor" monitor the whole network?

    Im looking at setting up an Untangle Server and wondered does all network traffic have to pass through it in order for it to be monitored? Im assuming it does.

    The reason im asking is I have some traffic I would like monitoring but it wouldnt go into the untangle server it would just go into a switch. There will be WiFi and a few ethernets that connect to the Untangle server that use captive portal but id like all the network monitored.

    Attched example of how network untanglesvr.pngwill look
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    The configuration you suggest will work, but it will also isolate the computers outside and inside, but do so in a very bad way that will cause problems.
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    Yes, Web Monitor monitors whatever web traffic goes through it.
    (It can't see traffic that doesn't go through Untangle.)

    You'll need to install it in front of whatever you want to monitor.
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    Better config:

    Internet => Router-in-Bridge-Mode => Untangle-in-router-mode-with-bypass-rules-for-devices-you-don't-want-to-monitor => Switch => Computers

    If you have a switch that will do vlans, they are a great way to distinguish those two classes of machine.
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