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    Default web filter report question

    I have a client that is showing these enteries in the web filter report (had to modify the report entry because I am a newbie I can't post links yet.

    12/10/08 5:53 PM wowdirtypictures [/url]
    Wayne Wright /
    12/10/08 5:53 PM livejasmin [/url]
    Wayne Wright listpage.php?welcome&psid=ed_blacklads2

    I have looked in his ie7 history and he is not physically browsing these sites. I thought maybe it was an email header from spam email so I blocked these websites in our barracuda spam filter but they are in the list after I blocked them.

    Where are these sites coming from? How can I tell and what can I do to stop his computer from trying to link to them?

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    Have you checked his pc for malware?

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    could be linked via email, could be inside another site he is visiting, could be some application thats installed...

    unfortunately - it could be a lot of places!
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