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    Default Wireguard for Windows 0.3.1

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    Whoa... you aren't kidding!

    6) Limited UI for Network Configuration Operator group

    This is one of the most requested features. Enabled with a registry flag
    (see [7]), members of the builtin Network Configuration Operator group
    now can use the UI in a limited manner, which allows starting and
    stopping tunnels, viewing the current stats, but not much else, with all
    key material redacted. I tweeted a screenshot of this recently:

    Hopefully this will go a long way in allowing enterprise admins to
    provision laptops for users who don't generally have administrator
    access. We'll see what the reception to this is like, and if the feature
    needs further refinement, but hopefully we've struck an acceptable
    balance of security and usability.
    Yep... it's time to play! Wireguard for non-admin users might just work now!

    Change log here:
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