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    Default [Advice/help] Wireguard traffic shaping, data limit, and security

    Hello Good people,

    I am planning to start a VPN backend with WireGuard. I can spin up a docker with the VPN service. But I am not sure how to configure or go forward with my following requirements:

    • User will be authenticated via username/pass (Any better way?)
    • Any way to set/configure bandwidth for the specific package (user set)
    • Per month data limit per package (user set)
    • Request caching to reduced latency

    And to prevent any unethical activities and in return for tracking, is there a way to add a specific request header to each request unique to each user, so that they can be tracked. (Users will be informed beforehand about this). Or any better idea for this "transparency"?

    Please, guide me with your great set of experiences and knowledge.
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