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    Default Access home server through an intermediary WireGuard Server?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a home cloud server with storage that I want to access remotely.

    * Do not want to open any inbound ports on my router. This is a total security no, no.

    Does WG support the setup below:

    {WG Client} o==========> {Cloud WG Server}<=========o {WG Client}

    home server<---------------------------------------------------------------->Remote Laptop

    o====> WG VPN Tunnel
    <-------> End to end data traffic

    The WG Client is installed on the home-server, and the remote laptop.

    Raj /\

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    Home server and cloud server are mutually exclusive.

    Cloud doesn't just mean "accessed via the internet". It also implies hosted as part of a large pool of generic servers, where you usually don't even know which one specifically is yours. If you can point at the server and say, "It's that one", it's probably not cloud. If you access it via the internet, even at your own home, it's still just a home server.

    For your situation, you have a setup like this:

    Home Network/Server === ISP Modem === { Public Internet } === Remote Laptop
    In this case, WG can help you, though at the moment I've heard it's really more suited for fixed site-to-site tunnel links. You set it up like this:

    Home Network/Server === Untangle (running WireGuard service and dynamic DNS) === { Public Internet } === Remote Laptop (running WireGuard Client)
    From the laptop, you use the dynamic DNS entry to configure the WireGuard client so it can find your Untangle system over the public internet. The WireGuard service makes your Laptop believe it's already on your home network. There's nothing extra to setup or configure on the home server.

    Note the additional of Untangle as a completely separate piece in between the rest of the network and your ISP modem. It's not just another server you plug in; Untangle is designed to be part of your pathway to internet. If all you want is WireGuard, it's built into the linux kernel now and you're honestly probably better off looking at something other than Untangle.
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