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    Question Wireguard Split Tunnel

    Hi Folks,
    Been enjoying setting up Wireguard tunnels and its pretty neat.
    One thing I have observed in the Site to Site tunnel I created for a branch office is full tunneling.

    I noticed this when a tech made an unrelated network interface change on the primary NGFW appliance and then the tunnel stopped sending traffic (Known issue evidentially). Anyway the remote site had ALL traffic cease, no local internet, and of course internal traffic like voip phones went down as well.

    As there is no "setting" for specifying Full or Split tunnel and no documentation I am left guessing as to how to control that function. I gathered from a few other forum posts this may be controllable by but it wasn't particualrly specific. Does anyone know how to control Split vs Full on WG tunnels?

    Furthermore is this a setting that is going to be implemented in the future?
    I am about to program a e6wl SD-Wan similarly. And if successful will replicate at more offices.

    UT appliance running 16.1 at the data center.
    u50x running 16.2 at the remote office. Static tunnel. VoIP is working (yea!) and DNS seems to be doing what I want. But might not if I get split tunneling working.

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    Thanks, yes I had seen that. That did explain the cause of the lock up and it looked as if UT was working on that.
    Would that network int change made on the primary UT appliance stop ALL traffic on the remote site's u50x?
    I had assumed it just jammed up the WG site2site vpn tunnel and concluded the remote site wasn't doing split tunneling. That and I was able to remote control it from the CMD center site. Which is COOL!
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