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    Default Wireguard not work with ip camera

    Hi All,

    |----------> Internet

    Wireguard server VDS

    wg0 -
    ens3 - 109.107.XXX.XXX - Public internet IP
    Tp-Link router
    usb LTS-modem ---- to Internet provider
    Wireguard client
    ubuntu-20.04LTS Desktop

    enp4s0- DHCP from tp-link router
    enp3s0- enp3s0 is DHCP-Server -----> IP Camera EZVIZ-C3N ( - from DHCP enp3s0)

    Forwarding enabled on server and client:
    In /etc/sysctl.conf net.ipv4.ip_forward=1

    When sudo wg-quick down wg0
    rtsp camera normal view in vlc (rtsp://admin:<PASSWORD>@

    When sudo wg-quick up wg0
    camera not view rtsp stream in LAN.
    rtsp via WAN not work never

    All wireguard connections to Internet work correctly.
    ssh, https, irc work fine!

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    Looks like this is not Arista NGFW or Micro Edge involvement. So we probably can't help you.
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